The European Conference on Media, Communication & Film (EuroMedia) is an interdisciplinary conference held alongside The European Conference on Arts & Humanities (ECAH). Keynote, Featured and Spotlight Speakers will provide a variety of perspectives from different academic and professional backgrounds. Registration for either conference will allow participants to attend sessions in both.

This page provides details of presentations and other programming. For more information about presenters, please visit the Speakers page.

Conference Outline

Thursday, July 21, 2022Friday, July 22, 2022Saturday, July 23, 2022Sunday, July 24, 2022Virtual Presentations
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Location: Online

09:00-09:20: Online Conference Opening Address
Joseph Haldane, IAFOR, Japan

09:20-11:25: Live-Stream Presentation Session 1
Room A: Literature / Literary Studies
64729 | Emperor Qianlong’s Poetry on Taiwan
63237 | Map-making and the Adoption Atlas in “Killing Karoline” by Sara-jayne King
64460 | The Problem of Children’s Disengagement from Reading in Japan from the 1990s to the Present: Causes and Countermeasures
63229 | The Psychology of the Other; Narrating Diaspora Identity and Psychic Trauma in Leila Halaby’s Once in a Promised Land
64158 | Tagore’s Encounter with Mahayana Buddhism

Room B: Film & Theatre
64136 | No Time to Retire: From Bond Girls to Female 007s
61964 | ‘Gan Jue’ 感觉 in Film Works and Practices – An Experiential Introduction for International Readers
63297 | The DAU Project: History of One of Russia’s Biggest and Most Controversial Film Production
63901 | An Interactive Documentary: Well-being in the Midst of Turmoil, Mindfulness Practices of Hong Kong Artists
62472 | Constancy and Variability – Radio Play in the Face of New Media

11:25-11:35: Break

11:35-13:15: Live-Stream Presentation Session 2
Room A: Interdisciplinary Arts
64356 | From Self to Selfie: The Study of Artists’ Response to Self-Representation on Social Media
62064 | Schubert – the Strange and the Supernatural: Exploring Nineteenth Century Fantasy Aesthetic and It’s Expression in Schubert’s Music
63010 | The Role of Traditional Music and Dance Among Traditional Healers
64731 | Precious Murals in the Religious Building of Pothimala, District Firozpur, Punjab, India

Room B: Interdisciplinary Media
64330 | Littles and the Angry Orange Man: A Study of Fans of the Tony Kornheiser Show Podcast
64726 | A Critical Look at the Undermining and Promotion of Resilience in the Higher Education Context
64019 | Rinsta vs Finsta: Young Adults’ Management of IG Accounts When Facing Parents
62825 | Do Online Constructions of Disability Affect Attitudes Toward Persons on Wheelchair? Results from an Online Experiment

13:15-13:25: Break

13:25-15:05: Live-Stream Presentation Session 3
Room A: Interdisciplinary Arts & Humanities
63580 | Experiences of Reading Literature: Resilience and Critical Thinking: The Case of Lithuanian Gymnasistas
63602 | Refiguring the Human-ipa Relationship Through a Participatory ‘Idiotic Speculative Kit’
63625 | Measuring Professional Agency of Minority Teachers: The Case of Russian Schools in Estonia
63437 | Public Art, Public Space, Collective Healing: Analysis of the Las Vegas Welcome Sign and Community Healing Garden After October 1

Room B: Interdisciplinary Media
63101 | Gender, Race, and Identity: An Intersectional Analysis of the Movie “Moonlight” by Barry Jenkins
64743 | An Analysis of the Portrayal of Madomen in the Films of the Sixth Generation of Chinese Directors
61709 | Simulation and Solidarity: How an Indian Subaltern Music Video on YouTube Simulates Solidarity
64128 | Work Town Wakes Girls: Cotton Queens Project

15:05-15:15: Break

15:15-16:15: Panel Presentation (Online)
Nonpartisan News Reporting in an Age of Partisanship
Alec Klein, Wyoming Truth, United States
Edward Klein, Wyoming Truth, United States
Shen Wu Tan, Wyoming Truth, United States
Madeline Thulin, Wyoming Truth, United States

Location: Birkbeck, University of London

12:30-13:00: Conference Registration | MAL B29

13:00:13:10: Announcements | MAL B34

13:10-13:25: Welcome Address & Recognition of IAFOR Scholarship Winners | MAL B34
Joseph Haldane, IAFOR, Japan

13:25-14:10: Keynote Presentation | MAL B34
Designing Back Better
Minnie Moll, Design Council, United Kingdom

14:10-14:25: Coffee Break

14:25-15:10: Keynote Presentation | MAL B34
Andrew Morlet, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, United Kingdom

15:50-16:00: Conference Photograph | The British Museum

16:00-20:00: The British Museum Group Visit

20:00-21:00: Conference Meet & Greet

Location: Birkbeck, University of London

09:40-11:20: On-site Parallel Session 1
MAL 539 (5F): Literature / Literary Studies
64349 | Mahometanism, Orientalism, and Islamophobia: The Case of Father Bombo’s Pilgrimage to Mecca
63732 | Worlds Without Limit: Borges’s Library and the Contours of the Universe
63642 | The Library as a Magic in the Lodz Ghetto
64319 | Metanarrative in Agatha Christie’s Detective Fiction

MAL 540 (5F): Media Disaster Coverage
64747 | Comparative Discourse Between Covering Ukrainian and Afghani Refugee Crisis
63788 | Film Journalism in Portugal: An Analysis of the Press, Radio, Television and Online of 2019
64093 | Structure and Strategies of News: How BBC, CNN and AL Jazeera Report Hong Kong Protests, 2019-2011
57631 | Reflections of/on US Media Stereotypes of Class and Socioeconomic Status

11:20-11:35: Coffee Break | MAL 538 (5F)

11:35-12:50: On-site Parallel Session 2
MAL 539 (5F): Inclusion & Identity
64766 | Routes of Roots Grounded in Multiple Diasporas: A Sociohistorical Perspective of Family and Identity in Caribbean Family History
64877 | Beyond Identity: The Socio-Economic Impacts of Archaeology on a Non-Descendant Community in Sudan
64748 | The Generation Africa Slate: Documentary Films Made by, about and for Africans (and also for the Global North)

MAL 540 (5F): Education
64246 | Photography-based Research Projects in the Classroom: Discussing Experiences, Evaluation Criteria and Outcomes
63942 | The Art of Theatrical Diplomacy: Bodies and Words in Early Anglophone Women’s Drama
64765 | Cultivating 4cSkills Through Art-based Activities for Vulnerable Children in Thailand

12:50-13:50: Lunch Break

13:50-15:30: On-site Parallel Session 3
MAL 539 (5F): Literature / Literary Studies
64725 | Ontological Magical Realism as a Mode of Resilience: Reading Akhtaruzzaman Elias’s Novel Khwabnama
63582 | Understanding Witch-Hunting as a Gender Based Violence in the Assamese Novel, ‘Ishu’ by Manikuntala Bhattacharjee
63573 | In Search of Faith Amidst Qualms: Colonial Era Assamese Novelist Chandraprova Saikiani’s Quest for Liberation, Emancipation and Empowerment
63587 | Decoding Entanglements and Epiphanies: Motherhood and Disability in Geetali Bora’s Antaratam

MAL 540 (5F): Interdisciplinary Communication
64331 | Phenomenological Research Based on Chinese People’s Experience of Media Architecture
63539 | Exploring the Dimensionality of the Affective Space Elicited by Gendered Toy Commercials
62196 | Roles of Governmental and Non-Governmental Bodies on Chain ​​Remand Complaints in Malaysia
63059 | A Study on Photobooks as a Medium from the Perspective of Vilém Flusser’s Theory of Technical Images

15:30-15:45: Break

15:45-16:35: On-site Parallel Session 4
MAL 539 (5F): Arts - Performing Arts Practices: Theater, Dance, Music
62889 | Overcoming the Brains Negativity Bias: Efficient Learning Tools We Tend to Avoid (Workshop)
63403 | Performing Arts Teachers’ Understandings of Professional Self: Explorations Using an Arts-based Method

MAL 540 (5F): Interdisciplinary Arts & Media
64185 | Emotional Impacts on Online Purchasing During the COVID-19 Pandemic
64728 | Academy as Potentiality in Brazil: Pindoba Group, Rosa Parks Collective and Their Performances of Resilience in the Context of COVID-19
64647 | Examining a Model of Family Conflict over Political Issues: Data from a Longitudinal Study of Parent-Child Dyads in Hong Kong

Location: Birkbeck, University of London

10:00-11:40: On-site Parallel Session 1
MAL 539 (5F): Interdisciplinary Arts
63622 | Resilience of Picturesque: Olivier Messiaen’s Birdsong in Livre du Saint Sacrement
62808 | Consumption & Ritualization in Daoist Practices: Women’s Spiritualization in Ming-Qing China
64306 | Towards a Dramaturgy of Forgiveness: The (Im)Possibility of Forgiveness in The Last Days of Judas Iscariot

MAL 540 (5F): Political Communication
64745 | Visual Political Communications Strategy of Beijing Olympic Games: Comparative Analysis on Beijing 2008 and 2022
61962 | The Unnerved and Unhoused: A Rhetorical Analysis of Save Austin Now’s Campaign to Disband Unhoused Individuals From Austin, Texas
64143 | Politics of Media and Media in Politics: Implications of Digitization for the Future of Democracy in Nigeria
64067 | From ‘Poetic Politics’ to ‘Poetic Imagery’: Critical Theory as Interpretative Tool for the Understanding of Post-democracy (Media) Public Sphere

11:40-12:40: Lunch Break

12:40-13:55: On-site Parallel Session 2
MAL 539 (5F): Interdisciplinary Arts
64236 | Factors That Influence Willingness to Pay for Theatre Performances: The Case of Lithuanian National Drama Theatre
64317 | Fine Arts in a Digital Age
64134 | Narratives of the Imagined Future: A Strategy of Resilience and Resistance

MAL 540 (5F): Cultural Studies
63617 | A Reflection of Resistance: Political and Cultural Perceptions of Young Palestinian Citizens of Israel as Reflected in Palestinian Films
64749 | On the Martial Art in the Matrix Universe: From Crouching Tiger, Matrix, to Everywhere, All at Once
63932 | Queen at Sun City – Controversy and Beyond

13:55-14:10: Coffee Break | MAL 538 (5F)

14:10-15:50: On-site Parallel Session 3
MAL 539 (5F): Arts & Education
64133 | A Strategy for Resilience: Strengthening Teachers’ Mental Health to Promote the Flourishing of the Whole School Community
63191 | Cause-and-Effect Analysis of Music Literacy Education in South African Secondary Schools

MAL 540 (5F): Science, Environment and the Humanities
64324 | The Role of Omani Women’s Associations in Preserving Women’s Creative Industries
63725 | Indigenous Sustainable Tourism and the Approach of Atmosphere: Tsou’s Laiji Village and Andou Tadao’s Church of the Mountain
62605 | Water Disruption Amidst Covid-19 Movement Control Order in Malaysia: The Historical and Legal Analysis
63623 | Ruskin, Re-enchantment, and the Representation of Nature — In Court

15:50-16:00: Closing Session | MAL 539 (5F)
Joseph Haldane, IAFOR, Japan

Virtual Poster Presentations

64201 | Assessing Public Engagement with Emerging Media in Qatar
64770 | Mediality in Exile: Notes of Landscape Pedagogy in University Extension Practice of the Philosopher José Ortega y Gasset (1939-1942)
64790 | How to Sustain Public Interest Journalism Democratically-from Public Funding to Philanthropy
64528 | Metaphor in News, Cognitive Narratology and Country Image: A Discourse Analysis of COVID-19 in People’s Daily
64721 | Visual Rhetoric and Mobilization of Public Opinion: A Multi-modal Discourse Analysis of China’s Family Planning Policy Propaganda Posters

Pre-Recorded Virtual Presentations

64881 | How Power Inequality Operates in the Gig Economy: Taking Chinese Food Delivery Platform Meituan as an Example
63790 | Reimagining Faculty Management with APL nextED Faculty Management System to Improve All of Academic Operations
64419 | Mark Twain’s Historiographic Metafiction about Joan of Arc
64646 | A Study of Visual Symbol Perception in Shamanic Rituals
61711 | Incorporating Museum Specimens Into the Educational Activities and Training of Environmental Health Students
63594 | Investigating the Learning and Cognitive Process With Phenomenography: A Case Study of a Visual Experimental Research Course
64734 | The Value Orientations in Reading Texts of the Senior Secondary Chinese Language Curriculum in Hong Kong
64519 | Online Marketing Communication of the Elderly Care Business in Thailand
64746 | From the Stage to the Screen: The Dancing Body in the 1938 Film Adaptation of Shaw’s Pygmalion
63581 | The Power of Seeing and Being Seen: Feeling Shame in In the Mood for Love and The Grandmaster
64663 | Wolves on the Prairie and Worms in the Sand: From Colonizer to Colonized – The Inversion of Principalities in Western Films
63156 | Documentary Made in China: Introduction to Censorship and Media Policies
64148 | Style and Aesthetics of Film Directing and Film Production Review of “We Are Hong Kongers”
63161 | New Models of Representing Reality in Digital Journalism: The Case of Newsgames
64649 | Women Narratives on COVID-19 Trauma
61698 | Watching Jude Law Digging a Hole: Games and Covid-19 On-Line Participation in HBO/Punchdrunk’s The Third Day and “Autumn”
64665 | Faith on Facebook: A Replication Study Exploring the Effects of Church Communication on a Social Media Platform
64169 | Examining the Impact of Social Media Use on Inter-family Communication: A Study in Family Communication Patterns Theory

Featured Presentations

  • Design for a Regenerative Circular Economy
    Design for a Regenerative Circular Economy
    Keynote Presentation: Andrew Morlet
  • Designing Back Better
    Designing Back Better
    Keynote Presentation: Minnie Moll
  • Nonpartisan News Reporting in an Age of Partisanship
    Nonpartisan News Reporting in an Age of Partisanship
    Panel Presentation: Alec Klein, Edward Klein, Shen Wu Tan & Madeline Thulin

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Pre-Recorded Virtual Presentations

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Previous Programming

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Design for a Regenerative Circular Economy
Keynote Presentation: Andrew Morlet

The challenge of delivering the net-zero targets and Sustainable Development Goals requires a new approach where business and policy move beyond a focus on reducing the harm of extractive, wasteful and massively polluting linear economic practices, to new forms of economic activity that, by design aim to; 1. eliminate waste and pollution, 2. keep product and materials in use and in circulation, and 3. regenerate nature as a by-product of economic activity. A regenerative circular economy addresses significant root causes of climate change, biodiversity loss, waste and pollution.

Regenerative circular design is centred around a systems approach for rethinking products (including food), services, systems, business models and business ecosystems, taking into account factors including the country and infrastructure contexts in which they will be made, sold and used. Other factors considered include material or ingredient choices, and combinations, alternative models for product delivery, options for creating products as a service, and importantly, what happens to the products and materials post-use and through subsequent uses.

The combination of business innovation and public policy sits at the heart of this transition, and over the past 10 years we have seen a significant take-up and early adoption of this thinking in key sectors and countries around the world.

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Designing Back Better
Keynote Presentation: Minnie Moll

Design shapes the world we live in – the products and services we use, the places we live, transport we use and the very systems that underpin our society.

Innovation, and to some extent design, have driven our ever increasing and unsustainable levels of consumption, and the depletion of the Earth’s finite resources. Design has been a big part of what has brought us to the climate emergency we face, and now it needs to be part of the solutions for a more regenerative future.

We need to redesign nearly every aspect of how we live our lives, from everyday behaviours to entire underlying systems. Doing so can make us more resilient, whether it’s the tangible mitigations against climate impact or the hopeful vision of a future that is attractive, affordable and aspirational.

They say "never waste a good crisis". So, it’s time for design to shine as a powerful creative problem-solving tool that we can use to achieve net-zero and beyond, to a more regenerative future for all.

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Nonpartisan News Reporting in an Age of Partisanship
Panel Presentation: Alec Klein, Edward Klein, Shen Wu Tan & Madeline Thulin

In a divided world, where can people find the truth in news? In Europe, the United States and elsewhere, journalists often take sides, presenting news with an unvarnished bias. To wit: Witness the news coming out of Ukraine. Propaganda is part and parcel of war. But now it is even more underscored, fueled by social media, as Russia has created draconian laws, with the threat of imprisonment, to prohibit the media from using the word “war” to describe the horrors unfolding in Ukraine. This is where the Wyoming Truth comes in. As a nonprofit news operation, we seek to cover the news in a nonpartisan way, to allow people to make up their own minds about the news, whether it’s about politics, criminal justice, or anything else. News media has, of course, undergone significant tectonic shifts over the past centuries; indeed, it was in the United Kingdom that the tabloid form was invented and exported to the United States. But the impartiality of news has given way to something of a free-for-all in news coverage today. We hope to help restore a journalism that fosters confidence in fairness, impartiality and accuracy.

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